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Thomas Innes

Biography of Thomas Innes

Arrived In Utah Sept l86l

My father was born in Rytton, Durham County, England, December l(7), l8l6.  He was the only son of Charles and Mary Blench Innes, but had six sisters, Isabelle, Hannah, Margaret, Mary, Jane, and Charlotte.  Father was a graduate of the University of Scotland where he received a splendid education it being customary to educate the boys much better than the girls in the family.  He and his father joined the L.D.S. church in England and came to America about l849, they located in Penn. where he first met my mother, Margaret Loutitt.  They were married at Elizabethtown, Pa. about l853.  Four children were born in Pa.: Emma at Elizabeth; and Charles, Thomas and Mary at McKeesport.


                                              HISTORY OF GEORGE E. SIMMONS
                                                                  by Maude Bate

George E. Simmons was born in Clayton, Sussex, England, January 19, 1828 a son of John and martha Brayser Simmons.  He was baptized September 19, 1852.  He was married to Charity Waller.  After the death of charity, he married Dora Turner (my Mother) January 1875.  Eleven children were born to each marriage: twin girls to the first marriage and twin boys to the second marriage.  The first family was musically inclined. 

Maude and John Bate

November 16, 1958         OUR LIFE IN DETAIL    Maude and John Bate           
by Maude Bate
   Sitting here just thinking of the past--when you get old it seems you live in the past.  My life was a very simple one.  I was a happy-go-lucky one up to a certain part of my life.  Up to 15 years I was kept home much of my life.  At 16, I met friends--boy friends--and had some experiences with a few.  One I came home with from singing practice.  His sister, Josie Murdock, was a bosom friend of mine.  Her parents were better off than mine.  She played the piano-not very good, but I wished I could do as good, as I was a lover of singing and music.  She bought the music and taught them to me, I sang them.  I sang with a quartet-Heber Wagstaff, Jimmie Richie, Mrs. Phoebe Daybell, and I.  Josie's brother would walk me home.

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Life of Maude Bell Bate

Presumed to be written by Maude Bell Bate.

I was born in Charleston, Utah, Aug 2, 1882. My parents were George E. Simmons & Dora Turner Simmons. I was born in a little log house.
My parents came form England when my oldest sister was just a small baby; being fairly well off when they came, but found living in Utah a hard struggle. And little by little, their cash dwindled; until by the time I was born, they were the poorest knowing nothing about American money. The neighbors got the most of it for milk butter and other living expenses. And, after I was born, Mother had to go out washing for the neighbors for milk and butter for the family. All Mother’s beautiful little baby clothes also went for living during the first year I was born. Then, Father bought a farm in the same town and put up a little house on it. I am told that was very hard on Mother but she was a brave wife, doing work for the neighbors to help while Father broke up land and got, little by little, ready to put crops on it.


                                                                           By Maude Simmons Bate

I was born August 2, 1882 in a little dirt roof and floor hut of Georger Price Place in Charleston, Utah.  I was the 5th child of the family.  We moved from that place to a little home father built in the same town.  The first I remember of my baby life was the birth of my half sister.  I just remember going into the bed room and climbing on a chair and pulling the sheet off a very white face and screaming.  Father came running in a took me in his arms and I will never forget the sight of that face.  They say I was two years old at the time.

Hannah Shelley Bate

(From a hand written account when Grandpa was in his eighties)

 This is John T. Bate writes a little of his Mother Hannah Shelley Bate
Hannah was the oldest girl in the family so had most of the house work to do.  All the other children in the family went to school but Hannah had to stay - never went to school.  Her folks was farmers and lived in American Fork, Utah County, Utah.  She was married to William Bate.  They lived in American Fork until years later, then moved to Riverton, Salt Lake County, Utah.  Hannah was one of ten children that I remember.  They were Joseph, Steven, Sam, Jim and Dave, Hannah, Jane, Ellen, Sarah Ann. 
     Some time after they was married, William, her husband, took a sun stroke;  was in bed for a long time;  Doctor gave him up.  The Elders came again and he got well.  The Doctor said he wouldn't do a days work, but he did. 


 This sketch arranged for great granddaughters-Eva Voorhees, and Elsie Chytrous by Nora Lund.
Margaret Cross was born l5 June l8l9 at Liverpool Lncshr, England.  She was the daughter of William Cross and Sarah Roaks Cross.  When she was about l8 years old (abt. l837) she married Peter Bate.  He was the son of Samuel Bate and Francis (Fanny) Sylvester Bate and was born in l8l4 in Bucknall, Staffordshire, England.